Previous seasons’ principals (and first-stand string players) need not audition unless they wish to, but in any event should indicate their interest in being re-considered this season.

Note that auditions are not required for general section seating in the concert.  Past and prospective participants are reminded that they may audition for the concert orchestra sections, even if they are not wishing to be considered for a principal position, if they would like the Festival to become more familiar with their playing for concert seating decisions. However, we strongly encourage individuals to attend the reading sessions as an alternative to general section auditions. Audition times will be prioritized for those seeking a principal position rather than section players.

Audition timeslots will be prioritized for those candidates who have not played for us in three years. If you have already auditioned for the past two Festival Finale Concert years , by all means let us know if you are interested in a principal position, but realize that we will likely not have a timeslot to hear a new audition this year.

The audition panel is made up of various past principals, board members and conductors. We do try to keep it informal and comfortable, so the panel will usually only be a few people at a time. Auditions are limited to 15 minutes each. Auditions will be recorded by the panel so that the music director may listen in absentia.

If you are interested in auditioning and cannot make it during these times, let us know and we’ll try to arrange something.

Auditions are by appointment only! When audition dates are announced later in June, please RSVP to if you are interested in scheduling an audition, or if you are a former festival principal interested in a principal spot for this summer’s concert.  Please do not contact the festival about auditions or principal interest until after the audition dates are announced in June.

  • Your choice of 3 or more standard contrasting (fast/slow) orchestral excerpts to show versatility, musicianship and technical ability (you provide): 7-10 minutes
  • The exposition of a classical sonata or concerto (you provide):  5 minutes
  • Copies of audition music for the panel is appreciated, but not required